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Friday, May 30, 2008

Sense of Feeling, when u lose some0ne you love,,

when I'm goin bed, and start to close my eyes,,
sometimes I remember you..
where in the past..
always there by myside..

talked about past..
or future..

there's a glowing tears..
warming my cheek,,
when I realized that u were so far..

I can only remember all..
the laugh,,
the sadness,,
or even our dreams..

u ,, both of u..
always give me support..
give me many things,,

all that school didn't teach us..

u give me the last words..
don't ever fall
to drugs..

I promise myself..
I will be a person that could keep on the right way,,

I love u,,
I love u,,

heaven will belong to u,,


gw keinget Eyang Putri ama Eyang Kakung gw,,
yang udah berjasa banget, ngerawat gw dari kecil..

pas mereka g ada,, rasa sedihnya gak terkira..

yeah,, moga2 mereka b2,, ada di sisi terbaik-Nya,
diampuni dosa2nya, bahagia di surga,,
Rest in peace..

jadi mellow gene yah gw..hahhaa,,

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