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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gak taw.. dan gak jelas..


I'm fasting now.. but why I can't control my emotion..

I see something that make me mad..

Even if, I stil don't know,, why I should mad..

I think,, I don't have to be so mad..

and so sad..

but..It's hurting me.. make me wanna cry..


I hate this.. I don't wanna be like that..

where's my strong and tough heart...
why it just like an ice. . can be melt,, and easy to break down..

I'm afraid.. afraid of something uncertained.. and undefined..

hagz.. hagz.. :(

kenapa harus seperti ini rasanya..??? God.. tell me why.. and tell me how..??
I should face against it all..


I'm so speechless now... hakz... :(

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