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Monday, January 23, 2012

Another Point of View

When I'm in blue.. when I want something to share with.. yeah, usually I have my cousin.. who has the same age.. and sometimes, the same problems.. to discuss and we ever share tears together..

no one really understand our feelings.. I guess..

everyone has their ego.. yeah.. like I did.. I'm just a selfish and stubborn person.. no one really can touch my heart... I just go.. with my own desire.. and decision..

I live with many different kind of life style.. I mean.. with people..
some have the strength and old way to live with..
some have the free spirit..
some have the same stubborn style..

and yeah..

there's something that really irritate me...

but I can't blame anyone.. everyone has their own point of view..

It's crazy.. when I see her.. she says that she's so in love with boy S (just a call)..

but.. the next time.. she meets someone new.. and her parents like this new boy more than the boy S.. then.. she can easily change her mind.. to fall in love with the new boy..

well... what a pity.. so.. it's no love that she had with the boy S.. or it's just change..
or.. she's just had a married obsession that maybe she wouldn't get it if she's with the boy S..

ah.. what a pity..

I still have no idea.. about.. what kind of love she had..
or she's just can be just unfaithful..

I don't know..

I can't do that..

I'm not a kind of girl..

for me..

love is such a blessed things...

love... is something so beautiful.. that should be kept..
it's something.. that.. once u feel it...
it's hard for u to release it..

u can't pretend u love someone if u don't..
or.. pretend u don't love someone when u do..

Ah.. i hope that I fall in love with the right person..
someone who'll never make me drop my tears of betray me..
someone who always there for me when I need a shoulder..
someone who can be my anything.. but still let me free to do my things.. and let me be my self..
someone who never tired to walk with me.. no matter what happened in our journey..
someone who can swept my fears..
hold me... give me fire..
someone who never get bored with me..
and smile when I open my eyes in the morning..
someone who always fall in love with me.. all over again..
even when I'm getting old.. and I have too much things in my brain..

and we'll walk together.. with smile... in our faces.. and our holding hands..
to face the world..

and.. I'll keep you... take care of you..
love you..
build our family with great love,,,
it's something that I really want..

I'm still hoping you...
no matter how long should I wait..
maybe.. I can wait forever..

I know it doesn't make sense.. out of mind..
u can call me crazy... oe even blind...
this love is difficult..
but i know.. that it's real...

just please do understand..

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