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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Save our Nature, please..

When I was a little..
I dream so high..
I want to go to the outer space..
see the stars, galaxy..
and the mother earth from up above..
see the great of God's creation..

well.. It was only a kid's dream..

and when I was teen..
I saw everything around..
discovering something new..
and having a ton of question in my head..

But, surely...
I love this nature..

I love to see the green green grass dancing in the wind..
I love to smell the sand on the beach..
I love to hear the flow of the river..
I love to see the butterfly fly away..
and the peace when I feel that this earth is belong to us..
all of us..

and something peculiar run into my head..
I see our environment changes a lot..

Rubbish everywhere..
and many earth disaster..

the point is..
when I see it so everywhere..

Feels like this world gonna ran out the place to discard it all..
And in my funny little child imagination..
I was thinking..

What if we throw away the rubbish to outer space..
to the black hole..
or burn it all at the sun,,
what a damn 'cool' thinking,, :P

It's just a 'thinking'

and, I also ever think again,, having an idea..
I guess.. we should decrease the used of plastic..
U know it's hard to be shattered..
but almost all Indonesian use it, for bags of shopping..
and everything..

how if we change the bag with another like paper bag..
something that can be recycled..

Ah yeah..

But, as a part of this mother earth..
as a human..
we still can do things that can save our environment..
to keep it good
for our next generation..

we can start from ourselves..
by doing such a small things such as:

  1. never throw rubbish into a river or any unappropriated places..
  2. separate the rubbish into 2, wet and dry..
  3. try to use everything efficiently..
  4. off the lamp to save energy when u don't need to use it..
  5. planting more trees to your environment..
  6. no smoking
  7. walk when you go not to far
  8. if not to important or in a hurry, go by public transportation than car
  9. maybe there are more things that we can do, but the most important thing for all is that u should start it from urself! then u can ask ur fellas to make it too..


If u love ur nature..
ur mother earth..

Please save our Nature.. ;)

Remember! Start from yourself!

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