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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Scratch from Heart

This night... while waiting on my PC..
When I had a pen and paper in my hand.. (something rare)
I don't know, but the words are flowing... and I just write it.. and then share it here..

I wanna call it poem.. but I guess.. It's not a poem.. but only a scratch from my heart...

So... This is it..

Tell me how can I survive?
This fragile heart can't made as though..
That I just need someone by my side..
Tell me how can I pretend that I'm strong?
Everyday I put a smile on my face..
Although deep inside I scream along..

And.. Tell me how could I'm sure that it is you...
One who will be with me..
for the rest of my life...
But still.. You're not here..

Just tell me...
What should I do..
You know I love you..
And I know for certainty..
That my soul desires you..
Dear boy..
I can't wait for the rest of my life..

It's for someone that far across the distance...
Akhirnya malah aq yang buat puisi... hhmm...

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