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Monday, July 25, 2011

Forgive and Forget

There's a relief feeling..
Yeah.. I want it that way..
Coz I know.. I have a kind of bad feeling..
About everything that happened..

And then I'm sure that I did it right..
After all this messy time..

Well, we have such a different world..
Many obstacles in yourself..
And everything's around you..

Hey... I dont need ur money, ur gorgeous things.. ur everything...
If u think it will make me into you..
It's not something that can make me fall..

You didnt deserve to be waited..
Yeah, coz u still play around with ur own life..
You just can't be your self..
So I must go on..

But after all..
Still I have to say thanks to you..
For everything..
Your affection, care..
Every single thing that make me laugh
Even just a moment..
Thanks for ever been in my heart..

Though it just a lie..
I know..
You put many lies in this relationshit..
I'll forgive you for all..
then I'll forget it all..
the bad things that ever come..

Though it's hard..
It's still lingering..
Every song still remind me still..
And I cry (sometimes) when I remember of ur existence..

But, Yeah..
I break again..

And something good that I read today from one nice blog, that I already knew that it's Dochi PW Gaskeens's Blog, that is:

A good thought to carry: stop looking for the right girl, try to be the right guy..

Hope u notice that..

For someone so far away that ever fill my heart..
dedicate to

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